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Darluv is a Mixed Media Artist from Wantagh NY. She started creating her Mixed Media Paintings in 2018. Since focusing on getting her artwork into galleries and exhibitions she has been invited to show her work in a multitude of juried and some non-juried exhibits all over the United States.

Darluv’s artistic style is a collage of iconography, silhouettes and symbolism combined with acrylic paint, found objects, watercolor paint and neo-pastels. They evolve into portraits that reference biblical themes, pop culture and history. It is the artist’s personal view of social and cultural issues. Each piece has a variety of processes and materials with different themes while the methodology is consistent.

This artist also calls her style Intuitive Art as well as Mixed Media. She feels that decisions are being made by a spiritual force when she is painting. Each of her paintings evolved into the portraits that they are. They are not portraits that she sets out to create. When connecting with creating her artwork she states that the zone she is in feels like transcendental meditation. She loses all sense of time and is focused yet also powerful and unstoppable. She states “When you are at one with your creativity nothing else matters, it’s like a force to be reckoned with.”

This process is very serendipitous and also fluid at the same time because it is constantly changing and pivoting in different directions. When you see all of her work together there is so much synchronicity that you feel like they are all related and you are the guest viewer at this unique gathering.

The artist is also known as @artalatte on Instagram and her website

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